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Can i buy donormyl in the uk ? Can i buy donormyl in the uk? This site is a private action and any data you may provide is subject to our Privacy Policy, we'll do best to keep your information safe and secure never give out your details to anyone else. If you would like to get started with donormyl click to sign up. On a Friday evening in Washington DC, thousands of techies gather on the National Mall for a "Women Who Code" conference. It's one of the largest gatherings by its participants, and it's not hard to sense they're excited get started. The conference's theme is "Build Future," and it's packed with speakers from across the political spectrum left and right. You can hear from a number of politicians and even Silicon Valley titans of industry as they speak on topics like why they're taking the time to help women get hired and promoted in tech. But what happens when you listen to the opinions of politicians and corporate executives you want someone to actually listen the women themselves? If you're not familiar with the movement — and if you want to know how these women came to be at the conference in first place — we're here to show you what need know. We've gathered a few videos here that provide the context of some stories, so you can see exactly how people felt and what they experienced when went to the conference with an audience. Plus, we've provided some of the interviews with attendees so you can hear directly from them. Here are 13 of our favorite interviews from the Women Who Code conference: 1. A woman tells all A video of an activist, journalist, and founder of the organization Girl Develop It explaining why she attended a women-only tech conference to speak at the women in tech panel. (via Facebook/Girl Develop It) What was it about this woman's story? "The story is about how this woman got to the point where she wanted to do work and make a difference in the world. But she didn't want to hear from her male counterparts and peers, about how they were making progress and what they were doing to help. She didn't want know it was a woman trying to fix her gender. story is a very difficult to hear, but we should all be willing to listen." — Mary Lou Jepsen, founder of Girl Develop It and former chair of Citi's Global 100 Women in Entrepreneurship. Why she made an appearance? Jepsen spoke at this conference because of a story she found at Code for America: a conference high school girls, where they met some other high school girls who they could relate to. And were talking about how the girls in their high school could do homework in class and how important math was.

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